Thursday, May 3, 2012

18 Months

Today marks 18 months since Kayson has entered into this world he loves so much. He is SO full of energy and LOVES life. He has been such a blessing to our family..bringing lots of Love, Laughter and Curiousity.

He weighs 22 lb 4 oz (8th percentile)
and is 2' 7.25" (21st percentile) tall.

Words: Hi. Bye. Night-Night. Mama. Dada. Nana. Papa. Lily.  Dog. No-No. Ball. That.  Please.
 Num Num.

Thank you Kayson for all the Joy you've brought into our world.  We can always count on you to be wearing someone elses shoe, climbing anything you're not supposed to and to be dancing whenever you hear a good beat.

We love the smirk you wear on your face all day wear it so well.  There is nothing you can't do or won't try (excpet bounce houses, ha!).  You are one cool little dude!

Love ya bubba :)

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