Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Highlights


 Cafe Rio (1st time...LOVED it)

 Kayson sneaking in the bath tub again
Playgroup friends :)
 Fingerpainting Fun
 Being Silly
 Hanging out with my Girl
 Cousin Marley
 Nana & Papa's
 Lunch Date with Daddy
 Discovering COTTON CANDY push pops
Monkey Boy
 Little Nike dude
 Impromptu running through the sprinklers
 Our Hero
 Reading all 3 Hunger Game books (picture courtesy of Lily)
 Beautiful morning at the park
 Kayson trying to sneak off to work with dad.  Toolbox in hand, he's ready to go!
 Whoops..someone was playing in the fireplace again.
 Snuggle time. 
 Whoops, Lily thought we still had hard boiled eggs. (notice the toilet paper next to her mess?  she tried cleaning it up herself, such a sweetie!)

New Scooter 
 New Lamps.  L O V E them.
 little stud
 Sweet Lily
 Moments like this make Parenthood SO WORTH IT. We were driving home when Jared saw them through the rear view mirror...stretching and reaching to hold eachother's hands.  This picture will forever be etched in our hearts.

No picture, but definitely a highlight...
Jared was called to Young Men's President at church.  He is going to do an awesome job.  We both adore the youth and their high standards.  Jared is looking forward to all the time he wil be spending with them.

What a GREAT month. 

Bring on May :):)

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