Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Highlights

A little FHE (Family Home Evening) dessert action
 May Flowers
 Kayson's 18 month Dr check up
 Hangin out with Kay

Giggles with Lily 
 Silly Boy--wouldn't take a bath without his sippy cup
 New find: You Tube tutorial on how to make infinity scarf!
 His favorite Pal
 Pretty Girl
 Whoops! Put our scrub brush (handle is filled with dish soap) through a load
 Skyping Elder Parker in Brazil
 Water Park fun
 lil Fashionista
 Daddy's 29th Birthday
 Mommy's 26th Birthday
 New Pool--Bring on summer!
 Otter-Pop Goodness
 Lily Bug and a Lady Bug
 Kayson practicing his utensil skills
 Curious Kayson strikes again
Obsessed with S H O E S
 Shoe Obsession continued
 Spaghetti anyone?
 No time to get dressed, must play piano!
 Poor guy, can't keep anything around his tiny waist!
 Daddy's Girl
Play Group swim party
 Utah Road trip
 Seeing Uncle Landon
 9 1/2 hour car ride home from Utah
 Lily practicing her numbers..pretty good!

Kayson spills his crackers and runs to fetch the broom and clean it up.  Such a smart little guy!

While traveling to Utah, we stayed in a hotel and all ended up in the VERY NICE AND ROOMY CAL KING bed.  Kayson kept inching his way to be right next to Lily all night long.  When we got to Utah..we once again all ended up in the same bed and that morning I woke up first and found Kayson and Lily side be side, snuggled up.  I just watched these 2 little angels sleeping.  As I watched them for a few minutes, I noticed that every time one of them would squirm and change positions, the other one would too.  It was SO PRECIOUS.  I had to wake up Jared and show him.  They really are our sweet little angels.  We LOVE them so much.  Definatily on the list of my top Mommy Moments.  It really is the little things in life.

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