Sunday, July 22, 2012

All aboard the choo choo train

 Jared was gone on a camping trip with the Young Men from church, so we decided to hop aboard the choo choo train and visit Grandma and Grandpa!

I really enjoy traveling via train.  It takes away the stresses that come with driving and is a fun adventure!
Kayson and Lily had a blast!  We made a few trips to the Cafe Cart for dinner, snacks and ice cream and watched a movie on our way.
 Once we got to Clovis, the fun didn't stop.  We got to grandma and grandpas and hopped straight in the pool!  Summer time night-swims are so much fun!
 We spend the next 3 days swimming, and jumping

Dressing a like, 
 Hanging out with cousins,
 eating ice cream,
Garage sale-ing,

 and riding ponies at Pioneer Days. 
 Kayson got so excited over the pony, he would let go of the saddle and start clapping.  Good thing mommy was close by.

My childhood friend, Courtney, happened to be in California for the summer and so she brought her sweet little gal up for a visit. I enjoyed catching up with her and watching our little babes play.  I still can't believe we have babies playing together..where does the time go?!
 Our train ride home was a late one (8pm-11pm) and it worked out nice.  Not very often do I get to spend 3 hours straight watching/snuggling my sleeping love bugs, with NO distractions. One more reason I love the train!
 They are just the sweetest.
   Such a fun adventure, it defintely won't be our last :)

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