Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Highlights

 Movie Night with NaNa
 Sleepy Boy
 Letter from Elder Parker/Bennett
 Such a good helper
 He likes Greek Yogurt!
 Watching Doc McStuffins
 Girl's Night Out
 BRAVE in 3D
 While us girls were at our movie, Kayson gave daddy a scare.  He climbed up on the bathroom counter (in the dark) and sat there quietly while daddy searched the house in a panic.  It wasn't until the 3rd check in the bathroom that daddy found him.
 Sweet Lily.  She brought me some pictures she colored for "Great Grandpa because he's in heaven now."  So tender.
 Such good hiders
 FHE dessert (Lily was in charge of dessert)
 A little monkey trap...
I heard Kayson squealing in frustration and found him on the counter, with his hand stuck in the toothbrush holder.  He wouldn't let go of Lily's chapstick that was in the bottom.  Silly boy!
 Almost, bud!
 Snoozin' with dad
 Kayson's 1st "movie center" trip!
Ice Age 3...
 ...This is how his 1st "movie center" trip ended.  He didn't even make it through the previews.  Still too wiggly for the movies :)
Lily's was so excited for her sleepover with her cousins from Utah that she walked straight in from Playgroup (no time for hello) and started to pack.  She pulled all the shirts out of her dresser in search for the "yellow one that matches my skirt."  Such a funny girl!

All packed and off to her sleepover!

His new trick..

Summer swim/bonfire with cousins 
 Roasting marshmallows
 Eating smores with Emily
 found some pretty flowers on our walk
 Cool dude!
 Thrifty Ice Cream
 Family Fun
 These 2 are the best :)

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