Friday, August 31, 2012

August Highlights

Such an eventful month for us:

Started it off right...8 hours of back-to-school shopping at the Folsom Outlets
Cambria stayed behind to help Jared entertain the kids
Silly boy, wanted to eat and drink at the same time, so he smashed his donut on the bottom of his cup.
Lily's 1st haircut
Got rid of Kayson's binky's..he took it like a champ
1st night he cried for 40 minutes, 2nd time, NO CRYING!!
Playing dress up
 (Lily was getting ready for a princess play date and Kayson wanted to dress up too)
Sometimes Kayson likes make it "snow" while mommy is in the shower
Woke up on the morning of our anniversary to the cutest decorations :)
Celebrating our 7 year anniversary!
Colored on the table, so can you get mad at him when he's that proud?
Kayson's version of Mr. Potato Head
Lily wanted in on the fun
Baking Brownies
These two...are the sweetest.
Kayson & Berkeley, such good playmates
 Swimming with Papa
 Hide- N - Seek
 "Mom, take a picture of a me" -Lily
"Mom, I'm fixing his hair."
 NaNa's cupcakes and so yummy!
 Human Bowling with paper towels = so much fun!
 another BRAVE trip to the dentist
Best Buds- Lily & Matthew
Lily's Preschool playdate
My happy boy swinging on the swings
Lily's Lemonade stand at our garage sale
(she made lots of money for our upcomming Disneyland trip)
M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E
Wish I could pull of that cute hair 'do
"More watermelon please!!"
Lily's first day of Preschool 8/28/12
After the 1st day of preschool, she LOVED it!
 The price mom pays for 5 minutes of shut eye
August was a blast!  Once again, we are sad to see Summer go, but look forward to all the fun that fall will bring!

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