Monday, September 24, 2012


It had been TOO long since our last Disneyland trip (8 months to be exact).
So we loaded up the Honda Civic (TIGHT SQUEEZE, but it saved us $150 on gas) and headed down to SOCAL.  Oh how we love it down there.
We were there for 5 days this time!  It's was super hot, but still super fun.  Here's some pics to document the trip:
Jungle Cruise
 Stitch..he sure was silly!
 Walking down California Adventure
 Kayson LOVED pluto's nose :)
 Minnie Mouse
 Mickey Mouse
 Blowing Mickey kisses
 Lily & Pluto
 Family photo with Walt, Mickey and the castle
 Kayson being shy to Cinderella
 Snow White
-(Lily has decided she is going to be Snow White for Halloween because this Snow White told her she looked just like her!)
 Sleeping Beauty
 Lighting McQueen
 The Fire Truck
 Donald Duck -Kayson's new favorite

little aviator
 Toy Story Mania
 King Triton's Carousel
 Captain Lily 
 We spend 1/2 day at Huntington Beach playing in the water, collecting sea shells and watching a surf competition. It was so much fun!
Lily LOVED the water
 Love this one...even her run is so girly
 Kayson didn't like the water like sister did.  He played in the sand and chased the sea gulls.
 He loved running from the top of a hill all the way down to where the water started.  Then he would turn around and do it again.  and again. and again.  Don't know where he gets so much energy.
 watching the waves with daddy
 Love these three
 Mermaid Lily
 Mermaid Lily & Race Car driver Kayson
 Pirates of the Caribbean
 We got our own boat!
 Big Thunder Railroad, Lily's new favorite!
 Dumbo with dad
 Close up of these cuties
 Mater's Junk Yard
The drive home was spent "playing" Disneyland.  Lily would look at the map, pick which ride she wanted to ride and then daddy would turn that song on (we have the soundtrack of all the rides) and they would pretend to be riding the ride together.  They really have too much fun with Disneyland!  I love it :)
Until next time Disneyland, we all know there WILL be a next time ;)


Kendra said...

How fun you guys get to go down there so often! And as always, your fam is adorable!

Jenna said...

Fun fun fun!! We are going the first week of December and I can't wait!!

Aubre Strain said...

I didn't know there was a soundtrack of all the Disneyland rides! This is too cute and I love how much your little family loves Disneyland!

Dockstaders said...

You guys are so much fun!!! Love your cute little family pictures!!!