Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lock Out

This morning we were ready to walk out the door to Kayson's playgroup.  Lily was at PreSchool so it was just me and my little buddy.
I decided I would go sweep off the patio before we left, but didn't want Kayson out there to 1) get cold and 2) step into any dog poop.  So I shut the door behind me.  Kayson watched me through the door and it took me about 5 minutes to sweep up the patio.   
When I went to open the sliding door, I realized Kayson had pushed the door lock down. I was locked out!  I tried to talk to him through the door and tell him to lift up the lock, but he would just push it down each time. By my luck, Jared was an hour away for work. 
I called our property management company and they got a locksmith sent out.  It was about a total of 30 minutes.  While waiting for the locksmith, I kept knocking on the sliding door to get Kayson in my site.  The curtains were closed, so I could only see him when he came and peeked behind them.  He stayed by me most of the time, the other time, he went to the pantry and brought me some crackers, fruit snacks and syrup.  He wanted me to open them so badly! haha.
The locksmith was the sweetedst old fellow you'd ever meet.  He got the front door open and I ran to my boy.  I asked him how much his service would be and he replied, "Whenever a child is involved, I do NOT charge."  What a sweet, sweet man!
I probably should have been worried, but my inital reaction when I realized I had been locked out, I laughed.  Kayson always keeps me on my toes and I should have known better.  I can see how this could have gone very badly, but I'm thankful it didn't.
We didn't make it to playgroup that morning and I couldn't stop loving on my little man more than usual. 
 It's true what they say absense makes the heart grow fonder!

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