Monday, November 12, 2012

Lily -- Star Student

Lily was ecstatic about being the Star Student of the week.
On Tuesday she took a favorite snack to share with the class;
she brought watermelon and gummy bears.
We had a blast making her Star Student poster.  Lily added some special touches --the stickers, drawings and glitter glue :)
On Thursday got to bring a special visitor.  She had a tough time deciding on just one.  At first it was going to be Bambi, then mommy and then the final decision was daddy.
  Daddy came and read one of her favorite books to her class.  She also brough her baby Belle doll to show off.
She also got the Star treatment at school-- she got to sit in the special chair during story time, wear a special badge, and was a special helper too.
Way to go Lily, our Star Student (and Daughter!).

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