Tuesday, November 20, 2012

October Highlights

 Logan & Janay's Sealing in the Fresno Temple
 Fresno Temple
Logan & Janaye's sealing
 Halloween Hippies

I told this boy it was time for "Night-Night: (nap) and he took off running into Lily's room and shut the door behind him.  This is how I found him...
Movie night in Christmas PJ's!
 My little helpers keeping me company at the Dr.'s
 Cutie Pie
 Lily's Birthday
 Going for a walk with cousin Marley
 Our 1st hot chocolate of the season...YUM YUM
 Guitaring it up with PaPa
Silly Lily- came out dressed for bed like this
 Sister's jewlery is so much fun!
 FRIDAY NIGHT movie night!
 A Freak accident left us asking if this little guy needed stitches
 The Culprit
 Sunday Afternoon Nap Time
 Trying on Sister's costume

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