Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Merry Metcalf Christmas

It was a very Merry Christmas in the Metcalf house.
The kids left out some yummy sugar cookies and milk for Santa.  They also let carrots and water for the reindeer, can't forget about them!
Lily sleep on the ground in Mommy and Daddy's room.  She fell asleep while listening to Christmas music on the radio with daddy.  They both swear they heard reindeer outside too!
Kayson and Mommy shared his bed.  Mommy slept with him to be sure there would be no middle of the night peeking!
Santa came!
He left us a letter (we look forward to it every year) and ate all the cookes and milk we left him!
Christmas morning!
Santa brought Lily a Lalaloopsy doll, Baby Alive doll, rapunzel stuffed animal and a new Hello Kitty bracelet (b/c brother broke her old one).  She got EVERYTHING she had asked for.  She must have been a good little girl!
Santa knew what would make Kayson jump for joy..a TRAIN TABLE!  He LOVES it.
Opening presents
Some things Lily got were: a leap pad, princess cashier playset, Brave movie, Prince Eric doll, Flynn Ryder doll, Secret of the Wings (Tinkerbell) movie and some Brave figures.
Kayson got some cars, a T-ball set, Woody and Rex action figures (to add to his Toy Story collection) and some Jack and the Neverland Pirates figures.
We just love the Christmas season.  As the kids get older, it becomes even more enjoyable.  It's so fun to see their excitement and the MAGIC in their eyes. 
It's also been a great experience to see their minds and hearts soak up the story of Jesus Christ's birth as we make that the focus of our Christmas Season.

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