Thursday, December 27, 2012

Letter from Santa

Dear Metcalf Family,
   Ho! Ho! Ho! and a Merry Chirstmas to all of you.  I can't believe another year has passed since I last went down your chimney!  My how much Lily and Kayson have grown!
   Lily- you continue to grow up as a beautiful young girl.  Frosty your elf has reported to me that you have been such a good girl.  You always help mommy, youre nice to your brother (most of the time) and you are so smart.  You are learning so much and your hand writing is gettting very good!  I also hear that you are enjoying pre-school and that you are always good in class.  Your mom and dad love you so very much.  Just remember not to get too mad at them or talk back to them.  Lily, keep being the sweet, beautiful and loving girl I know you are.  You have been such a good girl that I brought you BOTH of the presents you asked for so I hope you enjoy them.
  Kayson- Oh how you are growing and changing.  That happy smile of yours is so cute and infectious.  I can't believe how strong you are, well with all your climbing, throwing and hand pulling.  Be sure to be gentle when playing toys with your dad, you can hurt his fingers sometimes.  Also, be nice to your big sister when you two play.  You are such a happy and fun boy to be around.  Try eating less junk food so you can keep growing up strong and healthy.  Your parents love to watch you play even if it does make them a bit nervous at times with your constant falling, climbing and leaping from high places.  I hope you love playing with the new train I brought for you.
  Lindsey- what an interesting year it has been!  Congrats on being pregnant with another girl!  I am sure you can't wait to hold that beautiful baby in your arms.  I am sure you are a bit stressed with Jared's work situation (what's new?).  Just know that it will all work out and everything with be OK!  You continue to be the anchor to the family.  I know you carry a lot on your shoulders but it does NOT go un-noticed.  Keep your head up and know that you are always on Santa's nice list.  Oh one more thing, be sure to give Jared hand massages during those long Fresno trips :)
  Jared- You have such a wonderful and beautiful family.  I know you love them more than anything in this world.  Be sure to keep working hard until you find what it is you are looking for.  Make sure to get on the floor and wrestle with Lily and Kayson more, they sure do love that.  Your family adores you.  You too are on my nice list but only as long as you promise to take your wife out on more dates.
  Well, that about wraps it up for me.  Oh wait, I can't forget Bambi!  I think you will like the bones and treats I left for you.  Just be sure to not bark so much!  You scared Rudolph last night!!
  Okay Metcalf's, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!  Be good and I will see you again next year!
With Love,
Santa Clause
PS- Frosty wanted me to be sure and tell you that he loves you so much!  He says he is the happiest elf in the North Pole because he gets to be your elf! 
  I loved those cookies, they are my favorite one's!  The milk was good and I love that Santa cup. 
The reindeer realy enjoyed the water and carrots and they tried sneaking into your house to get some more of those yummy carrots!  I love you all and Merry Christmas!

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