Saturday, March 30, 2013

Malibu - Spring Break

Malibu is my most favorite vacations to take.
  I love waking up each morning, packing a lunch and loading up the wagon full of kids, towels, sand toys and umbrella and then making our short walk to the beach.
The rest of the day is spent soaking up the sun, splashing in waves, playing in the sand, snacking, going for walks, reading, exploring tide pools, watching for whales, dolphins and seals. 
It is SO relaxing.
Then we head back to camp and shower, eat dinner and hang out roasting smores and starburst while we all tell stories around the fire.  After that, its off to bed to fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing nearby.
I have been doing the same thing each Spring Break for the past 18 years and plan to continue the tradation each and every Spring Break to come.
Here's the kids eating lunch one day.  What a view!
 Soaking up the Sun
 Our Beach Babe
 Splashin in the waves.  Lily LOVES the water. 
She played in it for hours each day.
 Playing with dad
 Wet Suits :)
 Our little Beach Bum
 Such a Cutie
 Among the dolphins, whales, seals, octopus and other sea life we saw, Lily found a Lady Bug! 
 Lily playing football
 Kayson playing football
 Kayson loved getting covered in sand
Me and my boy

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